Sri RanganAyakai Nama:


In the 48th slOkam, Swamy ParAsara Bhattar pays tribute to our ThAyAr MahA Lakshmi in the context of Her Lord's many avathArams :

yadhi manujathirascchAm leelayA thulyavrutthE:
  anujanuroopA Devi! naavatharishya:
asarasamabhivishyan narma NaaTasya Maatha:
  dhara-dhaladharavindhOdantha kaanthAyathAkshi 


Oh Mother MahA Lakshmi, whose eye-charm is the only phenomenon that would be recalled by anyone perceiving, lotus in the nearest blooming stage! The Lord takes many births --not like all else by reason of Karma, His births are avathArAs adopted by Himself out of His own will, to suit a need . He wished to weave a certain sweet sport that would please all .Whenever He takes a birth like this as an avathArA, it is a descent into the world from His Supreme Abode, You too take a suitable matching avatArA . If only You had not done so, the whole sport of the Lord schemed to be enacted in the world would have been dull and dreary, devoid of a flavour or taste for all-- You, Your consort-- and all discerning devotees too! You add a flavor to His sportive exploits.


The beauty of Sri RanganAyaki's eyes are compared to the beauty of about-to-blossom lotus flower. This stage of lotus is described as " Ishadh-vikasitha PuNDarIkam ". The lustre of the broad eyes (VisAlAshi) of our Mother is compared to the special lustre of the lotus at that stage of blossoming .

What our Mother SriranganAyaki does during the avathArams of Her Lord is next described. She never leves Her Lord's side ever (ahalahillEn iRayum yenRu AlarmEl Mangai uRai MaarbhA).She accompanies Him in a suitable form in all His avathArams to gladden His heart through Her Nithya sambhandham. That Mithunam (Couple) is our Object of surrender .

She is "anapAyinI " according to VishNu PurANa Vachanam: " NithyaivaishA JaganmAthA VishNO: SrI: anapAyini". The combination of the two words, "NithyA and anapAyinI " point out that are never ever separated from each other . The Lord Himself reminds us of this tatthvam : " Mama SarvAthmabhUthasya NithyaivashA anapAyinI" .Therefore MandOdhari saluted MahA Lakshmi (Sithaa PirAtti) as "Nithya SrI".PerumAL and PirAtti are "Nithya Yukthars" (always United). They are together in the states of Param, VyUham, Vibhavam, Archai and AntharyAmi .

In this slOkam, ParAsara Bhattar dwells on the avathAra rahsyam of the Lord elaborated by BhagavAn in His GithOpanishad and goes on further to reveal the avathAra Rahasyam of PirAtti. She takes the appropriate forms in each of His avathArams (SeethA during RaamAvathAram, RukmiNi during KrishNAvathAram). Her avathArams like Her Lord's are not under the control of karma as in the case of DevAs, Humans, animals and plants. These avathArams are because of their own Sankalpam.

Sri U.Ve. NavalpAkkam RaamAnuja TaatAchAr Swamy quotes the PerumAL sambhAvanai manthram from TaitthIrIya BrahmaNa Manthram . Portion of the Manthram is : SamujjAnayE VishNavE dhadhAsathi-- bruhatthE VishNO Sumathim BhajAmAhE ". The key word has been identified by the NavalpAkkam Swamy as " SamujjAnayE " . He quotes the Saayana BhAshyam for this important word : " sushtu maadhyanthI HrushyanthI LAKSHMYAAKHYAA jaayA yasyAsou SAMUJJAANI: Tasmai ". For the greatest of the Lord, She is the inseparable companion in all states and She gladdens His heart through Her eternal presence as anapAyinI.

Sri VishNu PurANam celebrates this inseperable presence of MahA Lakshmi with her Lord in avathArams as well:

RaaghavathvEabhavath SethA RukmiNI KrishNajanmani
anyEshuchAvathArEshu VishNO: SriranapAyinI 

In RaamAvathAram, She took the avathAram of SeethA Devi; in KrishNAvathAram, She incarnated as RukmiNI. In all avathArAs of Her Lord, She takes an anuroopam and the Lord is never without Her presence . Swamy Desikan salutes this union as " NithyAnapAya Dhvandhvathvam ".

VaikAnasa Aagama expert, Dr. S. Mutthu Bhattar quotes in the recent special issue of HayagrIva PriyA Journal on Sri Tatthvam a passage relating to Sri Devi's avathAra rahasyam :

BhrugO: khyAthyAm Samuthpanna 
Sripooravamudhathou puna: 
Deva Dhanava yathnEna 
prasoothAmrutha amndhanE
--Sri VaikAnasa ArchanA NavanItham: 5.28& 29

(meaning): She was born as a result of Bhrugu Maharishi first and took on the name of BhArgavI. When the DEvAs and AsurAs churned the milky ocean for nectar, She was born again as Sri Devi . Whenver the Lord of the Universe takes on an avathAram, Sri Devi also takes an appropriate avathAram to be near Him as Saha DharmachAriNI .

Dr. Mutthu Bhattar quotes another slOkam in this context:

dEvathvE dEvathEhEyam manushyathvE cha MaanushI
punasccha Padma sambhUthA AaddhithYabhUth YathA Hari:

(meaning): If PerumAl incarnates as a Devan, MahA Lakshmi, His consort will incarnate as Deva SthrI. If PerumAL incarnates as a human, She will take an anuroopam as a human lady. PerumAL -PirAtti sambhandham is thus inseparable and well matched .

After completing the series on Sri GuNa Rathna kOsam, adiyEn hopes that Sri RanganAyaki ThAyAr will bless me to summarize the highlights of the Sri HayagrIva PriyA Special issue on the Vaibhavam of Sri DEvi . We have 61 slOkams in GuNa Rathna Kosam .We have covered 48 so far. After this coverage, hopefully adiyEn would have the Bhaagyam of highlighting the most informative commentaries of great VidhvAns on Sri Tatthvam in the Special issue of Sri HayagrIva PriyA .

Sri RanganAyaki ThAyAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam, 
Daasan, Oppilaippan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan