Sri RanganAyakai Nama:


In the 49th slOkam, Swamy ParAsara Bhattar pays tribute to Sri RanganAyaki ThAyAr as the MahA Lakshmi, who through Her smile and glances reduced the fatigue of the Lord during His efforts to churn the milky ocean to release Amrutham .In the context of Her Lord's many avathArams, amrutha MaTanam is taken as an example here to illustrate how the Divine Consort of the Lord helps Him during KoormAvathAram intended for helping with the churning of the milky ocean with Vaasuki as the rope and Mandra malai as the Churning rod :

skalitha kaDaka maalyai: dhOrbhiraBdhim MurArE:
  Bhagavathi dhadhimATam maTnatha:ShrAnthi Saanthyai:
Brahmadhamrutha tarangA: varthatha: prAthurAsI
  smitha nayana sudhAbhi: simchathI ChandrikEva
--Sri GuNa Rathna KOsam : SlOkam 49

Oh Bhagavathi ! Oh RanganAyakI of Six auspicious attributes (ShADguNya paripoornai)! Your Lord churned the milky ocean one day . He would not have any aayAsam (Fatigue) from that monumnetal effort, since He is BhagavAn (ShADguNuya ParipoorNan). Even with that certainity, His sport would not have given Him satisfaction,if He did not show the aspects of exertion as revealed by His AbharaNams and flower garlands slipping from His limbs. That is how we view the scene! He churned the milky ocean like those churning milk in a clay pot with a wodden churning rod to bring out the butter.Only the dimensions of the operation were different in His case .

Oh MahA LakshmI ! You arose from a whirlpool (Suzhi) in the middle of the Ocean to give Him relief from His exertions as it were ! With Your captivating smile and auspicious glances, You drove away Your Lord"s exertions . You soaked the Lord in Your moon-ray like nectarine coolness and drove away His fatigue .No Wonder You are known as Amrutha SahajA (PeNNamuthu) as a result !

Additional comments: 

The Lord's KaDakam, Valayam, Maalikais and Maalyams slipped away from His limbs as He churned the milky Ocean with both hands . KshIrArNavam (Milky ocean) was like the dhadhi that was churned to release Nectar. He was acting as though He was fatigued from the effort. Then MahA Lakshmi appeared (prAdhurAsi)to chase away the ShrAnthi of the Lord and to produce ShAnthi. This She accomplished effortlessly with Her Smitha-nayana-sudhAbhi:( (with her waves of nectarine glances and smiles(manthhAsam). Like nectarine waves, those smiles and glances of MahA Lakshmi soaked the Lord, comforted Him and energized Him to complete His self-appointed task. His ultimate reward was the PeNNamudhu, MahA Lakshmi, while the DevAs got just nectar.

Indran, who lost all his Isvaryam due to the curse of Sage DhurvAsar approached the Lord for help thru BrahmA for restoration of that lost wealth . That led to amrutha maTanam described inthe 8th Canto of Srimadh BhAgavatham. After the DevAs and the asuraas gave up their efforts, the Lord Himself took over the churning :

maTayamAnAtthtaTA sindhO: DevAsura varUTapai:
yadha SudhA na jaayathE nirmamanTAjitha: SVYAM
-- BhAgavatham : 8.7.16

Our Lord is saluted here as Ajithan, One who is not conquered by anyone. He Himself took over the churning .Many auspicious things came out of His effort (e.g): KaamdhEnu, Kousthubha rathnam, Kalpaka Vruksham, IrAvadham et al.

Finally, the Supremely effulgent SthrI Rathnam, MahA LakshmI arose out of the milky ocean illuminating all directions with Her lustre .She was like a creeper of lighting flashing through the directions :

tathascchAvirabhUth sakshAcchchIramA Bhagavathparaa
ranjayanthi disa: kaanthyA vidhyuthsoudhAmani yaTA 
---Bhaagavatham: 8.8.8

(meaning): Thus appeared before all, SaakshAth Sri Devi, who is MahA Lakshmi just like a creeper of lightning illumining all directions . She appeared from the Milky Ocean and had limitless affection and love for BhagavAn.

Her Thirumanjanam and alankAram are described by Swamy Desikan (Sri Sthuthi: agrE Bharthu:)and Srimath BhAgavatham. Indra is blessed by Her and he recovers his Isvaryam and eulogizes Her in Indra Sri Sthuthi.

Just as Srimath RaamAyaNam described the inseperability of the Lord and His PirAtti as " BhAskarENa PrabhA yatha", (Suryan and its effulgence), this SlOkam of Bhattar pays tribute to the Sriranga Dampathis as Chandran and his rays (Chandra-ChandrikA), which are inseparable.

One of the PaancharAthra Samhithais, JayAkya Samhithai attests furhter to the inseperability of this divine couple this way:

Sooryasya RasmayO yathvAth
Sarvaisvarya PrabhAvEna KAMALAA
SrI tEstathA 

(Meaning): MahAlakshmi stays united with Her Lord, Sriya: Pathi in an inseparable manner just as the rasmi (lustre) of Sooryan is inseperable from it and just as the waves are inseparable form the Ocean .

Sri RanganAyaki ThAyAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam, 
Daasan, Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SaTakOpan