Sri RanganAyakai Nama:


The 50th slOkam is the beginning of a set of slOkams through which Swamy ParAsara Bhattar instructs us that MahA Lakshmi is the UpAyam ( Means for Moksham ) , UpEyam ( the Goal , the Lakshyam and PrApyam ) and that She is a Vibhu like Her Lord . She as Bhagavathi has Thulya SeelA ( equal in auspicious features in every aspect with Her Lord ,the BhagavAn).

In these slOkams as elsewhere in Sri GuNa Rathna Kosam , Swamy ParAsara Bhattar elaborates on the doctrines housed in AchArya RaamAnujA's SaraNAgathi Gadhyam (first choorNikai) ,Swamy KurEsar's Sri Sthavm and Swamy Alavandhaar's ChathusslOki .

AchArya RaamAnujA started HIs SaraNAgathi Gadhyam with the salutation to the abhimadha,anuroopa Roopa- Svaroopa-GuNa -Vibhava-Isvarya-SeelA aspects of Sri RanganAyaki and concluded the first choorNikai with Prapatthi to Her: " akhila jaganmAtharam , asaraNya-saraNyAM ananya-saraNa: SaraNam aham prapadhyE".

In the 50th slOkam , Swamy ParAsara Bhattar pays tribute to Sri RanganAyaki ThAyAr as the SaranAgatha Rakshaki. The effectiveness of Thrijadai's SaraNAgathi to SeethA PirAtti is used an example here. Swamy ParAsara Bhattar points out that Her "UkthyA kshamou" was suprior to Her Lord's SaraNAgatha RakshaNam in the case of VibhishaNaazhwaan and KaakAsuran . Swamy Desikan deals at great length on the SaraNAgathis of VibhishaNan and KaakAsuran in his Sri Sookthi known as "Abhaya PradhAna Saaram ". The 50th slOkam of Sri GuNa Rathna kOsam is as follows:

Maathar-Mythili! RaakshasIs-thvayi tadhaiva-ardhrapardhAs-thvyaa
RakshanthyA PavanAthmajaallaghudharaa Raamasya GhOshti kruthA
Kaakam tamcha VibhIshaNam SaraNamithi-ukthikshamou rakshatha:
Saa na: saandhramahAgasas-sukhayathu KshAnthis-tavAkasmikI

Here Swamy ParAsara Bhattar addresses Sri RanganAyaki as " Maathar-Mythili". Oh My Mother Mythili! You are my nirupAdhika (Unconditional) Janani (Mother)! You took on the incarnation of SitA to accompany Your Lord during RaamAvathAram. You were kidnapped by RaavaNan and he incarcerated You in AshOka Vanam and put ugly and cruel Raakshasis as Your guards . They tormented You and committed so many apachArams and goaded You to marry their king, RaavaNan. Among all the Raakshasis was one by the name Thrijadai , who was the daughter of VibhIshaNan. She had a dream in which she saw Raavanan being destroyed by Lord Ramachandran and His retinue of Monkeys and bears.She woke up from her dream and counselled her fellow raakshasis to save themselves from the wrath of Lord Raamachandran by performing SaraNAgathi at the sacred feet of SitA PirAtti :

tadhalam krUravAkyairva: saanthamEva abhidhIyathAm
abhiyAchAma VidhEhimEdadhi mama rOchathE
---Sundara KaaNDam, Srimath RaamAyaNam : 27.54

(meaning): Oh RaakshasIs ! Enough of your threatening words to SitA Devi ! Please speak to Her with humility from now on. Let us beg SitA Devi to protect us from Her Lord's anger . This is the only appropraite thing to do.

PraNipAtha prasannA hi MaithilI JanakAthmajA
ALAMESHAA  parithrAthum RaakshasyO mahathO BhayAth
--Sundara KaaNDam , Srimath RaamAyaNam : 27.57

(meaning): If we pray to SitA PirAtti and seek Her refuge and protection, She will not be angry at us anymore. She has the full power to protect us from the great harm that is ahead of us.

HanumAn was witness to these statements by Thrijadai counselling Prapatthi at the feet of SitA PirAtti.

Now the scene shifts from Sundara KaaNDam to Yuddha KaaNDam.The same HanumAn , who had witnessed the maltreatment of SitA DEvi by the Raakshasis has another opportunity to witness the greatness of SitA PirAtti.

The time was after RavaNa samhAram. The place was AshOka Vanam in Lankai. HanumAn had rushed to SitA Devi's side to let Her know that the destruction of RavANan at the hands of Her Lord had taken place. There HanumAn saw all the Raakshasis , who had committed the offense of causing pain to SitA Devi. HanumAn was mighty mad and sought the paermission of SitA PirAtti to destroy those RaakshasIs .He pointed out that the demonesses have no repentance over the treatment they meted out to SitA PirAtti in their role as Her jailors. He argued that all of the RaakshasIs deserve to be killed :

imAsthu khalu RaakshasyO yadhi thvamanumanyE
hanthumicchAmi thaa: sarvA yaabhisthvam tarjithA purA
--Sri ValmIki RaamAyaNam: Yuddha KaaNDam: 113.30

(meaning): Oh SitA PirAtti! " If You permit me , I for my part would surely make short work of all these notorious RaakshasIs , by whom You have been intimidated in the past " .

The most merciful SaraNAgatha rakshaki, SitA PirAtti counselled HanumAn against such rash deeds with these very famous words:

paapAnAm vaa SubhAnAm vaa vadhArhaNamaTApi vaa
Kaaryam kaaruNyamAryENa na kascchinnaparAdhyathi
--Sri VaalmIki RaamAyaNam : Yuddha KaaNDam:113.45

(meaning): " Compassion should by a noble soul towards sinners as well for the good, nay , even for those deserving death . There is none who never committs a wrong."

In the next slOkam , SitA PirAtti goes one step further to reveal Her DayA Svaroopam:

lOka-himsA-vihArANAm krUrANAm paapakarmaNAm
kurvathAmapi paapAni naiva kaaryamasObhanam
--Yiddha KaaNDam: 113.46

(meaning): " No evil should be done even to those cruel men of sinful deeds , who revel in genocide , and continue to perpetrate sins". She implies that they should be saved , if they seek protection.

HanumAn, the scholar in Nava VyAkaraNam answers SitA PirAtti appropriately and praises Her as the Consort worthy of the Lord in being the abode of GuNa Rathnams including DayA , SaraNAgatha Vaathsalyam and Rakshakathvam:

yukthA Raamasya bhavathI dharmapathnI GUNAANVITHAA
pathisamdisa maam Devi gamishyE yathra Raaghava:
--Yuddha KaaNDam : 113.48

(Meaning): Oh Maathar Mythili! Jagan MaathA ! Thou art indeed the pefect match for Your great husband as a dharma pathni . You match His anantha KalyANa GuNams in all aspects. Please give me a mesage to take back to Your Lord !

HanumAn understands the power of the earlier appeal of Thrijadai on behalf of the offending Raakshasis to SitA Devi. The most merciful Mother remembered that appeal and protected the Raakshasis.

AdiyEn will continue with the many layers of meanings of this 50th slOkam in the next posting(s).

Sri RanganAyaki ThAyAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam , 
Daasan, Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SaTakOpan