Sri RanganAyakai Nama:


In the 52nd slOkam, Swamy ParAsara Bhattar focuses further on the Vaathsalyam of SrI RanganAyaki for Her erring children and the special efforts She takes to influence Her Lord posiitvely in favor of Her/Their children:

pithEva thvath prEyAn Janani! paripoorNAgasi janE
  hitha srOthO vruthyA bhavathicha kadAchith kalUshadhI:
kimEthath nirdhOsha: ka iha jagathIthi thvamuchithai:
  upAyair vismArya svajanayasi MaathA tadhasi na:

Meaning: Dr.V.N.Vedantha Desikan Swamy:

" Oh Mother ! This view is not merely our personal view . It is indeed Your perspective on things (as well). For, Your Consort, Lord RanganAthA has a tendency to be harsh on (towards) us under certain circumstances, even if it be in our own interest . A father ought to do it as it is the order of the worldly tings. But You always intercede, argue on our behalf, and, when necessary question Him " Who in the world is free from some occasional error? After all, to err is human!". Not only that: You would even conspire to make Him forget our transgressions, for which You would employ Your enticing impact, love-play etc,-- which is all in the nature of any worldly mother. Yes, You are our Mother indeed!"

Additional Comments: 

 This and the previous slOkam suggest that the PurushakAram (intercession and pleading for us with Her Lord) arises directly out of our ThAyAr's great affection (vaathsalyam) for us inspite of the many transgressions by us of Her Consort's Saasthrams.

To understand PurushakArathvam of Periya PirAtti, we have to understand the Dhvaya ManthrAdhikAram of SrImath Rahasya Thraya Saaram. Swamy Desikan quotes here a slOkam of Swamy AruLALa PerumAL EmperumAnAr:

AakAriNasthu vij~nAnam Aakaara Jn~Ana poorvakam tEnAkAram SRIYAN Jn~AthvA jn~AthavyO BhagavAn Hari:

(meaning): Only after understanding the attributes (VisEshaNam)of a vasthu, we can begin to understand the vasthu. Therefore, We can understand BhagavAn only after understanding His pradhAna VisEshaNam, PirAtti.

VisEshaNam is a word or a tatthvam that qualifies or defines another and is recognized as an adjective or a distinguishing attribute.

Swamy Desikan proceeds thereafter to derive the six meanings of SrI Sabdham and connects them to Her PurushakAra anugraham as per PaancharAthra Saasthram . These six meanings are indicated in the following pramANam:

SruNAthi nikhilAN dhOshAn SrINAthi cha guNair-jagath SreeyathE chAkhilair-nithyam SrayathE cha param padham Srayantheem SriyamANam cha SruNathIm SruNvathImapi

The Six Meanings of the Word SrI:

 These six aspects of SrI sabdham are: (1) SrIyathE (2)SrayathE (3)SruNOthi (4)SrAvayathi (5)SruNAthi (6)SrINAthi.

Among these, The two aspects of Her anugraham (SrIyathE and SrayathE) .These two aspects are close to the PurushakArathvam of our Mother. She intercedes on our behalf, reduces the anger of Her Lord and enhances his " sahaja KaaruNyam " in Her role as the affectionate and caring Mother (Maathruthva Vaathsalyam) .She questions Her Lord : "Is there a chEthanam that has not erred? " As She stated in SithAvathAram : "na kascchin- nAparAdhyathi". She also charms her husband with Her Bhogams and redcues His anger at the erring chEthanams and serves as the PurushakAra BhUthai.That the Lord is totally under Her bhOgaanubhavam is referred to by Swamy NammAzhwAr in ThiruvAimozhi 3.10.8:

"Alli Malar MakaL BhOga-mayakkuhaL aahiyum niRkum AmmAn "

(meaning): Our Lord is enchanted by the BhOga anubhavam of His consort, SrI Devi and is totally under Her influence".

She as PurushakAra BhUthai pleads with Him to reduce Her Lord's anger at the erring jeevans and also uses Her infinite charm to achieve the same goal. Through Her natural Motherly instincts, She saves us from the Lord's anger and prepares us to become the objects of His grace and stays in the UpEya Sthaanam at the time of the jeevan's enactment of the anushtAnam of SaraNAgathi.Swamy Desikan has blessed us with upadEsams on PurushakArathvam and Prapathti doctrines in His SrI Sookthi NikshEpa Rakshai . adiyEn hopes to write in greater detail about Her glories in future articles on the SrI Sookthi of ChathusslOki of Swamy AaLavanthAr as per the KaalakshEpams of Prakuratham AchAryALs and VyAkhyANams of PoorvAchAryALs like Swamy Desikan, NaayinArAcchAn PiLlai and PeriyavAcchAn PiLLai . These will appear in the SaraNAgathi Journal.

Sri RanganAyaki ThAyAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam, 
Daasan, Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SaThakOpan /Sadagopan