Sri RanganAyakai Nama:


In the 54th slOkam, Swamy Parasara Bhattar continues to pay his tribute to SrI RanganAyaki ThAyAr during Her avathAram as SitA PirAtti to accompany the Lord during His RamAvathAram.He points out that Her Lord will do anything to please Her :

adhi-sayithavAn abdhim NaaTO mamanTa bhaBandha tam
  Hara-dhanur-asou vallIbhanjam Babanja cha MyTili
api dasamukhIm lUthvA raksha: KaBandhamanarthyan
  kimiva na: Pathi:karthA ThvacchAru-chunchu manOraTa:

(Meaning according to Dr.V.N.VedAntha Desikan Swamy): 

Oh Mother SitA! The Lord will do anything for Your sake. He takes His reclining residence on the milk-ocean, for the simple reason that You were once born in it. He churned it once; when (it became) necessary, He built on it a bridge-link (Sethu) to secure You. Indeed He broke the mighty bow of SivA just inorder to win Your hand, albeit, very easily as He would a creeper-length; He cut asunder the ten-headed monster (RavaNA)to let his headless trunk enact a dance!

What would Your consort not do for You, when He imagines that His only duty is to please every one of Your mental fancies?

Additional Comments 

 In the context of SitAvathAram, ParAsara Bhattar addresses SrIranganAyaki here as MyTili (adhI MyTili, just like in the Upanishads, "adhIhi BhagavO BrahmEthi"). Then, Bhattar lists a variety of the activities of BhagavAn to please His dear Consort: "abhdhi-sayana, tann-maTana, Hara dhanur-bhanjana, abdhi-bhandhana, raksha: kabandha nartana " kaaryams.

Vatsya VeerarAghavAcchAr swamy coments about the order of the above deeds. He says that the order does not stick to any kramam (Time sequence) and is all over the place. First abdhi sayanam (reclining on the milky ocean) is mentioned and and is followed by abdhi manTanam (churning of the milky ocean for the PeNNamuthu, MahA Lakshmi); next comes breaking of the Siva Dhanus in SitA Svayamavram; the next item is sEthu bhandhanam (building a dam across the southern ocean to get to Lanka to retrieve His consort); this is followed by kabhandha narthanam (cutting of the heads of RaavaNA and letting his severed trunk jump around in a dance-like pattern). The sequence of the acts of the Lord is described in a helter-skelter way.

The proper order would be: (1)breaking of the bow of Siva to marry SitA (2) Building a dam over the ocean to get to LankA (3)destruction of RavaNA there in the battle field (4) Churning of the Milky Ocean to gain MahA Lakshmi, which is during the earlier Koorma avathAram (5) reclining on the milky ocean in honor of it being the place of birth of MahA Lakshmi. Vatsya VeerarAghavAcchAr Swamy points out that the disorderly sequence is consistent with a PramANa Vaakyam : " athyantha bhakthi-yukthAnAm naiva Saasthram na cha krama:" (For those endowed with deep devotion, there is no saasthram or time-based ordering of the items selected during recall). The conclusion is that Bhattar's bhakthi adhisayam leads to a random jumbling of events across a disordered time sequence.

Bhattar wonders loud as to what RanganAtha will not do to please His Consort's fanciful wishes (ChADu-chamchu- manOraTa:). Indeed, What will he not do? He will not cease from doing anything, mighty or small, just to please and amuse Her. "kim vaa na kuryAth?" He will do even things that are not conceivable (agaditham sarvamapi kuryAth).He is so love-stricken over His dear consort that He will recline in the milky ocean, churn it, build a dam over it, break the mighty Siva KOdhaNdam, destroy RaavaNa or for that matter anything else to please Her.

Sri RanganAyaki ThAyAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam, 
Daasan, Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SaThakOpan /Sadagopan