Sri RanganAyakai Nama:


In the 55th slOkam, Swamy Parasara Bhattar states that all the modes of Lord's Vaibhavam is only a miniscule of the bliss arising from His leelA vilAsam (love play) with Her ("Bhagavatha: SarvaprAkara vibhava: api Lakshmi vilAsa-lava anubhavE na paryAptha:"):

dasa-satha-pANi-paadha-vadhanAkshi mukhai:akhilai:
  api nija-vaisvaroopya vibhavai: anroopa guNai:
avataraNair-athaisccha rasayan KamithA KamalE
  kvachana hi vibrama bhramimukhE vinimajjathi thE  

(Meaning): Oh Periya PirAtti ! Your beloved One displays Visvaroopam with thousands of hands, legs, faces,eyes and other limitless limbs. His auspicious attributes are limitless (anantha kalyANa guNams). In addiiton to Visvaroopam, he takes other avathArams such as the four VyUhAvathArams, another one as VishNu among the Trinity and yet another one as UpEndran as well as mathsya- KoormAdhi avathArams and enjoys Himself and makes all chEthanams happpy. Inspite of all these avathAra aanandhams, He has the greatest of bliss when He engages in srungAra leelai with You. The other aanandhAnubhavams pale into insignificance before the bliss of srungAra leelai with You. He gets lost in the whirl pool of that bliss. You are a flood of great bliss. In that flood of bliss, His other aanandhams get subsumed as a fraction of a drop.

Additional Comments: 

 Oh KamalA PirAti ! VedAs & Sruthis salute Your dear Lord as " Sahasra sIrshA Purusha:, SahasrAksha: Sahasra Paadh" and as " anantha baahu-udhara vakthra nEthram " in the context of His visvaroopam. He enjoys revealing His Visvaroopam and gladdens the mind of those, who are blessed to see it as Arjunan in the battle field of Kuru KshEthram.

The joyous and awe struck Arjuna broke into sthuthi of this extraordinary visva roopam this way:

anEka baahu udhara vakthra nEthram pasyAmi ThvAM SarvathO-anantha-roopam naantham na madhyam na punastavAdim pasyAmi VisvEsvara Visvaroopa --GIthai: 13.16

(meaning): With multifold arms, stomachs, mouths and eyes, I witness Your infinite form on all sides. I see no end, no middle nor the beginning too of You. Oh Lord of the Universe ! Oh You of universal form! I behold only Your infinite form on all sides with endless limbs.

You are aadhi-madhyAntha rahithan.You are anantha veeryan. With Your own tEjas, You are warming the universe (SvatEjasA visvamidham tapantham ThvAm pasyAmi).

In addition to the Visvaroopam that He delights in revealing, He also enjoys taking the four vyUhAvathArams as Para VaasudEvan, Pradhyumnan, SankarshaNan and Aniruddhan. He takes the VishNu avathAram to protect the Universe and enjoys those leelAs. he incarnates as dasAvathAran and Your PirAtti takes on the appropriate matching roopam as Your consort for Your sport.

All these enjoyments that you experience is one thing. Your love play with Your Devi and the aaanandham that You experience from that love play is some thing else again. You are lost in that aanandham. The other aanandhams (arising from the leelA chEshtithams of Viswa roopam, VyUhAvathArams,DasAvathArams) become a drop in the flood of the bliss experienced by You during Your leelA vilAsams with Your Piratti.You are drowned in that aanandhAnubhavam like one being caught in a powerful whirlpool and losing His foothold.One aanandham is vast like the ocean ; the other aanandhams combined together are like a dew drop in magnitude compared to the LeelA vilAsa aanandham generated by the DEvi's amorous sport with Her Lord (SamudhrE ThushAra iva). Such is the bewitching power of Sri RanganAyaki over her Lord, which makes Him appear like some one swept in a flood and swirling inside a whirlpool formed by that flood.

Sri RanganAyaki ThAyAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam, Daasan, Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SaThakOpan /Sadagopan