Oh! blessed indeed is mankind, for in the temple of Guruvayur there shines in all its effulgence the Supreme Brahman itself which is the ultimate goal of all, which shines through a hundred scriptures and yet remains indistinct, which is ever free, which is devoid of the limits of time and space, which is incomparable, and which is the crystallised essence of Bliss and Knowledge

Dear devotees of Guruvayoorappan,

The complete electronic text of Shri Narayaneeyam is available on the internet at: under the heading "Vishnu".  I commenced this project of editing/revising the text by comparing it with the printed version of Narayaneeyam that I have, prepared by Shri P.N. Menon and published by the Educational Supplies Depot, Palghat (1988). Subsequently,  Shri M.G. Vasudevan ( )  offered to check my output further  for accuracy by comparing the text with the Narayaneeyam published by Ramakrishna Mutt and forwarded to me the texts as further revised by him.  I owe a deep debt of gratitude to Shri Vasudevan for undertaking this voluminous work as a Kaimkaryam to Shri Guruvayoorappan. The revised files for the Narayaneeyam text are made available below.

I have used the ITranslator99 program for conversion to Devanagari and Roman which were subsequently converted into PDF documents.

The PDF documents may be accessed at:    

In Sanskrit - Dasakas: 1-1011-2021-3031-4041-5051-60; 61-70;   71-80;   81-9091-100 

In Roman  -  Dasakas: 1-1011-2021-3031-4041-50;  51-60;  61-70;  71-80;  81-90;  91-100 

The Itrans text format documents are given below. These may be useful to convert into other formats such as MS Word etc.

ITrans files- 
Dasakas: 1-1011-2021-3031-4041-5051-60; 61-7071-8081-9091-100 

The texts posted  now may contain errors which might have been overlooked in the revisions. I request devotees to bring such errors to my notice for incorporating the needed corrections.

Bhattathiri had the vision of the Lord on the 100th day and he has described his blissful experience in Dasaka 100;
this chapter (with translation of the ten slokams) may be viewed at

May Shri Guruvayoorappan's Blessings be showered on all.

M.K. Krishnaswamy 
April 14, 2003

June 01, 2007:  An excellent new web-site on Narayaneeyam, with illustrations and audio has been created recently by Shri A. Sanatkumar and Smt. Lalitha Sanatkumar
at: .
May Guruvayurappan's Blessings be showered upon them.