Chapter III Sloka 11

devaN-avytanen te deva -avyNtu v>,
prSpr< -avyNt> ïey> prmvaPSyw.

te dev˜ bh˜vayantu va× | 
parasparaÕ bh˜vayanta× 
þreya× paramav˜psyatha ( 3|11)||

With this do you nourish the Gods
and may those Devas nourish you;
nourishing one another,
you shall attain the highest good.

Interpreting Deva as the presiding deity in any field of activity,
Swami Chinmayananda observes as follows:

The productivity that is dormant in any situation can be invoked only by man's sincere efforts. This potential which generally lies dormant everywhere is the Deva to be cherished by the worker through the yagna (self-less) activities, when the Deva will certainly manifest to bless the worker.