Chapter III Sloka 12

#òaN-aegaiNh vae deva daSyNte y}-aivta>, tEdRÄanàdayE_yae yae -u“e Sten @v s>.

iÿ÷˜nbhog˜nhi vo dev˜ 
d˜syante yajñabh˜vit˜× | tairdatt˜naprad˜yaibhyo 
yo bhuðkte stena eva sa× ( 3|12)||

The Devas nourished by the sacrifice,
will give you the desired objects.
Indeed, he who enjoys objects given by the Devas
without offering (in return), is verily a thief.

When the "productive potential" cherished through "self dedicated work performed in a spirit of sacrifice", Yagna will provide the worker with the desired-for-objects. This is the law of life.

None should enjoy the benefits of others' actions without themselves contributing their share to the total efforts.