Chapter III Sloka 30

miy svaRi[ kmaRi[ s<NySyaXyaTmcetsa,
inrazIinRmRmae -UTva yuXySv ivgtJvr>.

mayi sarv˜õi karm˜õi
sannyasy˜dhy˜tmacetas˜ | 
nir˜þeernirmamo bh¨tv˜ 
yudhyasva vigatajvara× ( 3|30)||

Renouncing all actions in Me,
with the mind centered on Self,
free from hope and egoism
free from (mental) fever,
do you fight.

Hope is the still-born child of the future and ego is the lingering memory of the dead past. To live in hope and ego is to miss the present, the active dynamic present which is the only noble chance we are given to create, to advance, to achieve and to enjoy. Living dynamically in the present, we can pour the best that is in us into the present, blocking all unintelligent and thoughtless dissipation, waste of our inner-personality-energy.