Chapter III Sloka 31

ye me mtimd< inTymnuitóiNt manva>,
ïÏavNtae=nsUyNtae muCyNte te=ip kmRi->.

ye me matamidaÕ nityam
anutiÿ÷hanti m˜nav˜× |
mucyante te'pi karmabhi× ( 3|31)||


Those who constantly practice this teaching of mine,
With faith and without cavilling,
they, too, are freed from actions.

"Faith is the bird that feels the light
and sings when the dawn is still dark." -- Tagore.

Cavilling: mere criticism and questioning. You benefit only by living it.

Ignorance of our spiritual nature gives rise to desires
which in their turn cause thought-agitation;
work is nothing other than thoughts fulfilled among the sense objects.

With the knowledge of the Self, spiritual ignorance is terminated;
desire no more rises and hence no corresponding thoughts to be fulfilled. The realized person is thus "freed from work".