Chapter III Sloka 32

ye Tvetd_ysUyNtae nanuitóiNt me mtm!,
svR}anivmUFa<StaiNviÏ nòancets>.

ye tvetadabhyas¨yanto 
n˜nutiÿ÷hanti me matam | sarvajñ˜navim¨ýh˜Õst˜n
viddhi naÿ÷˜nacetasa× ( 3|32)||

But those who carp at teaching and do not practise it,
deluded in knowledge and devoid of discrimination,
know them to be doomed for destruction.

Decrying the philosophy underlying the theory of Karma Yoga is a sign of one's intellectual rejection of it. There is then no chance of the individual ever striving to live that philosophy. Karma Yoga is a way of life, and we have to live it if we want to come under its grace.