Chapter III Sloka 34

#iNŌySyeiNŌySyaweR ragÖe;aE VyviSwtaE,
tyaenR vzmagCDeÄaE żSy pirpiNwnaE.

r˜gadve’au vyavasthitau | 
tayorna važam˜gacchet
tau hyasya paripanthinau ( 3|34)||

Attachment and aversion for the objects of the senses
abide in the senses;
let none come under their sway (vasham).
For, they are his foes.

It is natural for the senses to be attracted or repulsed by various sense objects. But be aware of this instinctive nature of the mind and do not for a moment come under the domination of the senses; for surely, they will be your enemies.