Chapter IV Sloka 08

pirÇa[ay saxUna< ivnazay c Ê:k«tam!,
xmRs<SwapnawaRy s<-vaim yuge yuge.

paritr˜õ˜ya s˜dh¨n˜Õ 
vin˜þ˜ya ca duÿk®t˜m |
sambhav˜mi yuge yuge ( 4|08)||

For the protection of the good, 
for the destruction of the wicked and 
for the establishment of righteousness, 
I am born in every age.


Sadhunam : The good who lead a life of righteousness, who utilise their bodies in the service of humanity, who are free from selfishness, lust and greed, and who devote their lives to divine contemplation.
Dushkritam : Evil-doers who lead a life of unrighteousness, who break the laws of the society, who are vain and are dishonest and greedy, who injure others, who take possession of the property of others by force, and who commit atrocious crimes of various sorts.