Chapter IV Sloka 10

vItrag-y³aexa mNmya mamupaiïta>,
bhvae }antpsa pUta mÑavmagta>.

manmay˜ m˜mup˜þrit˜× | 
bahavo jñ˜natapas˜ 
p¨t˜ madbh˜vam˜gat˜× ( 4|10)||

Freed from attachment, fear and anger, absorbed in Me, taking refuge in Me, purified by the fire of knowledge, many have attained to My Being.


When one gets knowledge of the Self, attachment to sense-objects ceases. When he realises that he is the constant, indestructible, eternal Self and that change is simply a quality of the body, then he becomes fearless. When he becomes desireless, when he is free from selfishness, when he beholds the Self only everywhere, how can anger arise in him?
He who takes refuge in Brahman or the Absolute becomes firmly devoted to Him. He becomes absorbed in Him (Brahma-lina or Brahma-nistha). Jnanatapas is the fire of wisdom. Just as fire burns cotton, so also this Jnanatapas burns all the latent tendencies (Vasanas), cravings (Trishnas), mental impressions (Samskaras), sins and all actions, and purifies the aspirants. ( Cf . II. 56; IV. 19 to 37)