Chapter IV Sloka 11

ye ywa ma< àp*Nte ta<StwEv -jaMyhm!,
mm vTmaRnuvtRNte mnu:ya> pawR svRz>.

ye yath˜ m˜Õ prapadyante 
t˜Õstathaiva bhaj˜myaham | 
mama vartm˜nuvartante 
manuÿy˜× p˜rtha sarvaþa× ( 4|11)||

In whatever way men approach Me even so do I reward them; My path do men tread in all ways, O Arjuna.
I reward men by bestowing on them the objects they desire in accordance with their ways and the motives with which they seek Me. If anyone worships Me with selfish motives I grant him the objects he desires. If he worships Me unselfishly for attaining knowledge of the Self, I grant him Moksha or final liberation. I am not at all partial to anyone. ( Cf . VII. 21 and IX. 23)