Chapter IV Sloka 12

ka']Nt> kmR[a< isi< yjNt #h devta>,
i]< ih manu;e laeke isi-Rvit kmRja.

kkanta karma 
siddhi yajanta iha devat |
kipra hi mnue loke 
siddhirbhavati karmaj ( 4|12)||

Those who long for success in action in this world sacrifice to the gods; because success is quickly attained by men through action.


It is very difficult to attain to the knowledge of the Self or Self-realisation. It demands perfect renunciation.
The aspirant should possess the four means (see page 58) and many other virtues, and practise constant and intense meditation. But worldly success can be attained quickly and easily.
The Vedic injuctions based upon castes and order are meant for the men of this world only.