Chapter IV Sloka 14

n ma< kmaRi[ ilMpiNt n me kmR)le Sp&ha,
#it ma< yae=i-janait kmRi-nR s bXyte

na m karmi limpanti 
na me karmaphale sph |
iti m yo'bhijnti 
karmabhirna sa badhyate ( 4|14)||

Actions do not taint Me, nor have I a desire for the fruit of actions. He who knows Me thus is not bound by actions.
As I have neither egoism nor desire for fruits, I am not bound by actions. Worldly people think they are the agents and they perform actions. They also expect fruits for their actions. So they take birth again and again. If one works without attachment, without, egoism, without expectation of fruits, he too will not be bound by actions. He will be freed from birth and death. ( Cf. IX. 9)