Chapter IV Sloka 23

gts¼Sy muKtSy }anaviSwtcets>,
y}ayacrt> kmR sm¢< àivlIyte

gatasaðgasya muktasya 
jñ˜n˜vasthitacetasa× |
yajñ˜y˜carata× karma 
samagraÕ pravilŸyate ( 4|23)||

To one who is devoid of attachment, who is liberated, whose mind is established in knowledge, who works for the sake of sacrifice (for the sake of God), the whole action is dissolved.


One who is free from attachment, who is liberated from the bonds of Karma, whose mind is centred and rooted in wisdom, who performs actions for the sake of sacrifice in order to please the Lord -- all his actions with their results melt away. His actions are reduced to nothing. They are in fact, no actions at all.