Chapter IV Sloka 33

ïeyaNÔVymya*}aJ}any}> pr<tp, 
sv¡ kmaRiol< pawR }ane pirsmaPyte.

jñ˜nayajña× parantapa | 
sarvaÕ karm˜khilaÕ p˜rtha 
jñ˜ne parisam˜pyate ( 4|33)||

Superior is Knowledge-sacrifice to the sacrifice with objects, O Parantapa (scorcher of the foes). All actions in their entirety, O Arjuna, culminate in knowledge.


Sarifices with material objects cause material effects and bring the sacrificer to this world for the enjoyment of the fruits, while Knowledge-sacrifice leads to Moksha. Therefore Knowledge-sacrifice is superior to the sacrifice performed with material objects. Just as rivers join the ocean, so do all actions join knowledge, i.e., they culminate in knowledge. All actions purify the heart and lead to the dawn of knowledge of the Self.
All actions that are performed as offerings unto the Lord with their fruits are contained in the knowledge of Brahman. ( Cf. IX. 15; X. 25; XVIII. 70)


Krishna compares Dravya Yajna with Gnana Yajna and tells Arjuna that offering our ignorance into the fire of knowledge (Gnana Yajna) ends all karmas once and for all. Ignorance causes desires, and desires are the seeds from which all actions arise. When this ignorance ends at the dawn of knowledge, Krishna declares, "all action in its entirety attains its consummation in knowledge." He next explains how to gain this knowledge.