Chapter IV Sloka 36

Aip cedis pape_y> sveR_y> papk«Äm>, 
sv¡ }anPlvenEv v&ijn< s<tir:yis.

api cedasi p˜pebhya× 
sarvebhya× p˜pak®ttama× | 
sarvaÕ jñ˜naplavenaiva 
v®jinaÕ santariÿyasi ( 4|36)||

Even if thou art the most sinful of all sinners, yet thou shalt verily cross all sins by the raft of knowledge.Commentary: You can cross the ocean of sin with the boat of the knowledge of the Self. ( Cf . IX. 30)


The ego is nothing other than the Reality within us. To redixcover this and live thereafter as the Self of all is called "true wisdom" (Gnana). Once awakened to our real nature, the cravings of flesh cannot take us down the channels of sensuousness and wreck ourselves on the stony bed of sin and sorrow. This has been indicated in the beautiful metaphor: "By the raft of knowledge alone shall you go across all sins." An example of how this Wisdom destroys sin is given in the next sloka.