Chapter IV Sloka 39

ïÏava~‘-te }an< tTpr> s<yteiNÔy>, 
}an< lBXva pra< zaiNtmicre[aixgCDit.

þraddh˜v˜Òllabhate jñ˜naÕ 
tatpara× saÕyatendriya× | 
jñ˜naÕ labdhv˜ par˜Õ þ˜ntim
acireõ˜dhigacchati ( 4|39)||

The man who is full of faith, who is devoted to it, and who has subdued the senses obtains (this) knowledge; and having obtained the knowledge he attains goes ere long to the supreme peace.
Commentary: He who is full of faith, who constantly serves his Guru and hearts his teachings, who has subdued the senses surely gets the knowledge and quickly attains the supreme peace or salvation (Moksha). All the above three qualifications are indispensable for an aspirant if he wants to attain to the supreme peace of the Eternal quickly. One qualification alone will not suffice. ( Cf. X. 10, 11)


Sankara explains sraddha as "that by which an individual understands readily the exact import of the scriptural text as well as the pregnant words of advice of the preceptor." Sraddha is not unquestioned faith or blind acceptance.

achirena ere-long; after gaining this knowledge, "soon" one would reach the goal of life.