Chapter IV Sloka 41

yaegs<NyStkmaR[< }ans<iDÚs<zym!, 
AaTmvNt< n kmaRi[ inb×iNt xn<jy .

jñ˜nasañchinnasaÕþayam | 
˜tmavantaÕ na karm˜õi 
nibadhnanti dhanañjaya ( 4|41)||

He who has renounced actions by Yoga, whose doubts are rent asunder by knowledge, and who is self-possessed-actions do not bind him, O Arjuna.
Commentary: Sri Madhusudana Sarasvati explains Atma vantam as ‘always watchful’.
He who has attained to Self-realisation renounces all actions by means of Yoga or the knowledge of Brahman. As he is established in the knowledge of the identity of the individual soul with the Supreme Soul, all his doubts are cut asunder. Actions do not bind him as they are burnt in the fire of wisdom and as he is always watchful over himself. ( Cf. II. 48; III. 9; IV. 20)


This is a beautiful summary of the chapter; Through the various practices described, the ego comes to rediscover itself to be nothing other than the Atman. Then, the individual ego comes to live "poised in the Self as the Self." Like the dreamer poised in the waker, the ego poised in the Self is the experience of the Real Self.