Chapter V Sloka 01

Aw p<cmae=Xyay>, s<Nyasyaeg> 

AjuRn %vac, 

s<Nyas< kmR[a< k«:[ punyaeRg< c z<sis, 
yCD+ey @tyaerek< tNme äUih suiniítm!.

atha pañcamo'dhy˜ya×| (sanny˜sayoga×)

arjuna uv˜ca | 

sanny˜saÕ karmaõ˜Õ k®ÿõa 
punaryogaÕ ca þaÕsasi | 
yacchreya etayorekaÕ tanme 
br¨hi suniþcitam ( 5|01)||

Arjuna Said:

You praise renunciation of actions, O Krishna, and also Yoga. Please tell me conclusively that which is the better of the two.


You teach renunciation of actions and also their performance. This has confused me. Tell me decisively now which is the better of the two. It is not possible for a man to resort to both at the same time. 

Yoga here means Karma Yoga. ( Cf. III. 2)