Chapter V Sloka 03


}ey> s inTys<NyasI yae n Öeiò n ka'œ]it,
inÖRNÖae ih mhabahae suo< bNxaTàmuCyte.

jñeya× sa nityasanny˜sŸ 
yo na dveÿ÷i na k˜ðkÿati | 
nirdvandvo hi mah˜b˜ho 
sukhaÕ bandh˜tpramucyate ( 5|03)||

He should be known as a perpetual Sannyasi who neither hates nor desires; for, free from the pairs of opposites, O mighty-armed Arjuna, he is easily set free from bondage.

A man does not become a Sannyasi by merely giving up actions because of laziness or ignorance or some family quarrel or calamity or unemployment. A true Sannyasi is not a hypocritical coward.
The Karma Yogi who neither hates pain and the objects which give him pain, nor desires pleasure and the objects that give him pleasure, who has neither attachment nor aversion to any sense-object and who has risen above the pairs of heat and cold, joy and sorrow, success and failure, victory and defeat, gain and loss, praise and censure, honour and dishonour, should be known as a perpetual Sannyasi though he is ever engaged in action.
One need not have taken Sannyasa formally but if he has the above mental attitude, he is a perpetual Sannyasi. Mere ochre-coloured robe cannot make one a Sannyasi. What is wanted is a pure heart with true renunciation of egoism and desires. Mere physical renunciation of objects is no renunciation at all. ( Cf. VI. 1)