Chapter V Sloka 05

yTsa'OyE> aPyte Swan< t*aegErip gMyte, 
@k< sa'Oy< c yaeg< c y> pZyit s pZyit.

yatskhyai prpyate sthna 
tadyogairapi gamyate | 
eka skhya ca yoga ca 
ya payati sa payati ( 5|05)||

That place which is reached by the Sankhyas or the Jananis is reached by the Yogis (Karma Yogis). He sees, who sees knowledge and the performance of action (Karma Yoga) as one.


Those who have renounced the world and are treading the path of Jnana Yoga or Vedanta are the Sankhyas. Through Sravana (hearing of the Srutis or Vedantic texts), Manana (reflection on what is heard) and Nididhyasana (constant and profound meditation) they attain to Moksha or Kaivalya directly. Karma Yogis who do selfless service, who perform their duties without expectation of the fruits and who dedicate their actions as offerings unto the Lord also reach the same state as is attained by Sankhyas indirectly through the purification of their heart and renunciation and the consequent dawn of the knowledge of the Self. That man who sees that Sankhya and Yoga are one, as leading to the same result, sees rightly. ( Cf. XIII. 24, 25; V. 2)