Chapter V Sloka 06

s<NyasStu mhabahae Ê>omaÝumyaegt>,
yaegyuKtae muinäRü nicre[aixgCDit.

sanny˜sastu mah˜b˜ho 
du×kham˜ptumayogata× | 
yogayukto munirbrahma 
nacireõ˜dhigacchati ( 5|06)||

But renunciation, O mighty-armed Arjuna, is hard to attain without Yoga; the Yoga-harmonised sage quickly attains  to Brahman.


Muni is one who does Manana (meditation of reflection). Yoga is performance of action without selfish motive as an offering unto the Lord.
Brahman here signifies renunciation or Sannyasa because renunciation consists in the knowledge of the Self. A Muni, the sage of meditation, the Yoga-harmonised, i.e., purified by the performance of action, quickly attains Brahman, the true renunciation which is devotion to the knowledge of the Self. Therefore Karma Yoga is better. It is easy for a beginner. It prepares him for the higher Yoga by purifying his mind.