Chapter V Sloka 07

yaegyuKtae ivzuÏaTma ivijtaTma ijteiNÔy>, 
svR-UtaTm-UtaTma k…vRÚip n ilPyte.

yogayukto viþuddh˜tm˜ 
vijit˜tm˜ jitendriya× | 
kurvannapi na lipyate ( 5|07)||

He who is devoted to the path of action, whose mind is quite pure, who has conquered the self, who has subdued his senses and who realises his Self as the Self in all beings, though acting, is not tainted.


He who is harmonised by Yoga, i.e., he who has purified his mind by devotion to the performance of action, who has conquered the body and who has subjugated the senses, whose Self is the Self of all beings, he will not be bound by actions although he performs actions for the well-being or protection of the masses in order to set an example to them. ( Cf. XVIII. 17)