Chapter V Sloka 09

#iNďya[IiNďyaweR;u vtRNt #it xaryn!.

unmi annimi annapi | 
indriyś§čndriyśrthe u 
vartanta iti dhśrayan ( 5|09)||

Speaking, letting go, seizing, opening and closing the eyes-convinced that the senses move among the sense-objects,


The liberated sage or a Jnani always remains as a witness of the activities of the senses as he identifies himself with the Self or Brahman. He thinks and says, 'I do not see; the eyes perceive. I do not hear; the ears hear. I do not smell, the nose smells, etc.' He beholds inaction in action as he has burnt his actions in the fire of wisdom. ( Cf. XIV. 19-23)