Chapter V Sloka 14

n kt&RTv< n kmaRi[ laekSy s&jit à-u>,
n kmR)ls<yaeg< Sv-avStu àvtRte .

na kart®tvaÕ na karm˜õi 
lokasya s®jati prabhu× | 
na karmaphalasaÕyogaÕ 
svabh˜vastu pravartate ( 5|14)||

Neither agency nor actions does the Lord create for the world, nor union with the fruits of actions. But It is Nature that acts.


The Lord does not create agency or doership. He does not press anyone to do actions. He never tells anyone, 'Do this or do that.' He does not bring about the union with the fruit of actions. It is Prakriti or Nature that does everything. ( Cf . III. 33)