Chapter V Sloka 17

gCDNTypunrav&iÄ< }aninxURtkLm;a>.

tanniÿ÷h˜statpar˜yaõ˜× | 
gacchantyapunar˜v®ttiÕ j
ñ˜nanirdh¨takalmaÿ˜× ( 5|17)||

Their intellect absorbed in That, their self being That, established in That, with That for their supreme goal, they go whence there is no return, their sins dispelled by knowledge.


They fix their intellects on Brahman or the Supreme Self. They feel and realise that Brahman is their self. By constant and protracted meditation, they get established in Brahman. The whole world of names and forms vanishes for them. They live in Brahman alone. They have Brahman alone as their supreme goal or sole refuge. They rejoice in the Self alone. They are satisfied in the Self alone. They are contented in the Self alone. Such men never come back to this Samsara, as their sins are dispelled by knowledge (Brahman-Jnana). ( Cf . IX. 34)

Chinmayananda: How can we say that the ego will not rise again in the realised person's bosom? The reason is indicated here when Krishna qualified such  persons as 'those whose impurities have been shaken off by Knowledge.' The impurities mentioned here are but the vasanas which are the very material with which the ego is conjured up.With the rise of Knowledge, the ego comes to a total extinction from which it cannotrestart its career again.