Chapter V Sloka 19

#hEv tEijRt> sgaeR ye;a< saMye iSwt< mn>, 
indaeR;< ih sm< äü tSmadœ äüi[ te iSwta>.

ihaiva tairjita× sargo 
ye˙˜Ġ s˜mye sthitaĠ mana× | 
nirdo˙aĠ hi samaĠ brahma 
tasm˜d brahmaġi te sthit˜× ( 5|19)||

Even here (in this world) birth (everything) is overcome by those whose minds rest in equality.  Brahman is spotless indeed and equal; therefore they are established in Brhaman.


When the mind gets rooted in equanimity or evenness or equality, when it is always in a balanced state, one conquers birth and death. Bondage is annihilated and freedom is attained by him. When the mind is in a perfectly balanced state he overcomes Brahman Himself, i.e., realises Brahman.

Brahman is ever pure and attributeless and so He is not affected even though He dwells in an outcaste, dog, etc. So He is spotless. He is homogeneous and one, as He dwells equally in all beings.