Chapter V Sloka 20

n àù:yeiTày< àaPy naeiÖjeTàaPy caiàym!, 
iSwrbuiÏrs<mUFae äüivdœ äüi[ iSwt>.

na prah®ÿyetpriyaÕ pr˜pya 
nodvijetpr˜pya c˜priyam | 
brahmavid brahmaõi sthita× ( 5|20)||

Resting in Brahman, with steady intellect and undeluded, the knower of Brahman neither rejoiceth on obtaining what is pleasant nor grieveth on obtaining what is unpleasant.


This is the state of a Jivanmukta or a liberated sage or a Brahmana who identifies himself with the Self or Atman. He always has a balanced mind. He is never deluded. He has abandoned all actions as he rests in Brahman. He who has an unbalanced mind, who identifies himself with the body and mind feels pleasure and pain, exhilaration of spirits when he gets a pleasant object and grief when he obtains an unpleasant object. ( Cf. VI. 21, 27, 28; XIII. 12; XIV. 20)