Chapter V Sloka 25

l-Nte invaR[m&;y> ]I[kLm;a>, 
iDExa ytaTman> svR-Utihte rta>.

labhante brahma-nirvam
aya ka-kalma | 
chinna-dvaidh yattmna 
sarva-bhta-hite rat ( 5|25)||

The sages (Rishis) obtain absolute freedom or Moksha-they whose sins have been destroyed, whose dualities (perception of dualities or experience of the pairs of opposites) are torn asunder, who are self-controlled, and intent on the welfare of all beings.


Sins are destroyed by the performance of Agnihotra (a daily obligatory ritual) and other Yajnas ( vide notes on verse III. 13) without expectation of their fruits, and by other selfless services. The duties vanish by constant meditation on the non-dual Brahman. He never hurts others in thought, word and deed, and he is devoted to the welfare of all beings whom he considers his own Self. ( Cf . XII. 4)