Chapter VI Sloka01

Aw ;ae=Xyay>, 
Anait> kmR)l< kay kmR kraeit y>,
s s<NyasI c yaegI c n inrinR caiy>

atha aho'dhyya| 
rbhagavnuvca |
anrita karmaphala 
krya karma karoti ya |
sa sannys ca yog ca 
na niragnirna ckriya ( 6|01)||

The Blessed Lord said:
He who performs his bounden duty without depending on the fruits of his actions-he is a Sannyasi and a Yogi; not he who is without fire and without action.

Commentary: Actions such as Agnihotra, etc., performed without the expectation of their fruits purity the mind and become the means to Dhyana Yoga or the Yoga of Meditation.
Karyam Karma: bounden duty.
Niragnih: without fire. He who has renounced the daily rituals like Agnihotra, which are performed with the help of fire.
Akriya: without action. He who has renounced austerities and other meritorious acts like building rest-houses, charitable dispensaries, digging wells, feeding the poor, etc.
Sannyasi: he who has renounced the fruits of his actions.
Yogi: he who has a steady mind.

These two terms are applied to him in a secondary sense only. They are not used to denote that he is in reality a Sannyasi and a Yogi. The Sannyasi performs neither Agnihotra nor other ceremonies. But simply to omit these without genuine renunciation will not make one a real Sannyasi. (Cf. V. 3)