Chapter VI Sloka02

y< s<Nyasimit Óa¸yaeRg< t< ivi¤ pa{fv,
n řs<NySts╗Lpae yaegI -vit kÝn

yaŇ sannyśsamiti prśhur
yogaŇ taŇ viddhi pś§řava |
na hyasannyastasa­kalpo 
yogč bhavati ka■cana ( 6|02)||

Do thou, O Arjuna, know Yoga to be that which they call renunciation: no one verily becomes a Yogi who has not renounced thoughts.

Commentary: Sankalpa is the working of the imagining faculty of the mind that makes plans for the future and guesses the results of plans so formed. No one can become a Karma Yogi who plans and schemes and expects fruits for his actions. No devotee of action who has not renounced the thought of the fruits of his actions can become a Yogi or steady mind. The thought of the fruits will certainly make the mind unsteady.

Lord Krishna eulogises Karma Yoga here because it is the means or an external aid (Bahiranga Sadhana) to Dhyana Yoga. Karma Yoga is a stepping-stone to Dhyana Yoga. It leads to the Yoga of Meditation in due course. In order to encourage the practice of Karma Yoga it is stated here that Karma Yoga is Sannyasa. (Cf. V. 4)