Chapter VI Sloka04

yda ih neiNÔyaweR;u n kmRSvnu;¾te,
svRs»Lps<NyasI yaegaêFStdaeCyte

yad˜ hi nendriy˜rtheÿu 
na karmasvanuÿajjate |
yog˜r¨ýhastadocyate ( 6|04)||

When a man is not attached to the sense-objects or to actions, having renounced all thoughts, then he is said to have attained to Yoga.

Yogarudha: "he who is enthroned or established in Yoga." When a Yogi, by keeping the mind quite steady, by withdrawing it from the objects of the senses, has attachment neither for sensual objects such as sound, nor for the actions (Karmas, Cf. notes to V. 13), knowing that they are of no use to him; when he has renounced all thoughts which generate various sorts of desires for the objects of this world and of the next, then he is said to have become a Yogarudha.
Do not think of sense-objects. The desires will die by themselves. How can you free yourself from thinking of the objects? Think of God or the Self. Then you can avoid thinking of the objects. Then you can free yourself from thinking of the objects of the senses.

Renunciation of thoughts implies that all desires and all actions should be renounced, because all desires are born of thoughts. You think first and then act (strive) to possess the objects of your desire for enjoyment.