Chapter VI Sloka11

zucaE deze àitóaPy iSwrmasnmaTmn>,
naTyuiCD+t< naitnIc< cElaijnk…zaeÄrm!.

þucau deþe pratiÿ÷h˜pya 
sthiram˜sanam˜tmana× |
n˜tyucchritaÕ n˜tinŸcaÕ 
cail˜jinakuþottaram ( 6|11)||

In a clean spot, having established a firm seat of his own, neither too high nor too low, made of a cloth, a skin and Kusa-grass, one over the other.
Commentary: In this verse the Lord has prescribed the external seat for practising meditation. Details of the pose are given in verse 13.
Spread the Kusa-grass on the ground first. Over this spread a tiger-skin or deer-skin; over this spread a white cloth.
Sit on a naturally clean spot, such as the bank of a river. Or, make the place clean, wherever you want to practise meditation.