Chapter VI Sloka 25

znE> znEéprmedœ buĻ(a x&itg&hItya,
AaTms<Sw< mn> k«Tva n ik<icdip icNtyet!.

žanai× žanairuparamed 
buddhy˜ dh®tig®heetay˜ |
˜tmasaÕsthaÕ mana× k®tv˜ 
na kińcidapi cintayet ( 6|25)||

Little by little, let him attain to quietude by the intellect held in firmness ; having made the mind established in the Self, let him not think of anything.
Commentary: The practitioner of Yoga should attain tranquillity gradually or by degrees, by means of the intellect controlled by steadiness. The peace of the Eternal will fill the heart gradually with thrill and bliss through the constant and protracted practice of steady concentration. He should make the mind constantly abide in the Self within, through ceaseless practice. If anyone constantly thinks of the immortal Self within, the mind will cease to think of the objects of sense-pleasure. The mental energy should be directed along the spiritual channel by Atma-chintana or constant contemplation on the Self.