Chapter VI Sloka 29

svR-UtSwmaTman< svR-Utain caTmin,
$]te yaegyu­aTma svRÇ smdzRn>.

sarvabh¨t˜ni c˜tmani |
Ÿkÿate yogayukt˜tm˜ 
sarvatra samadarþana× ( 6|29)||

With the mind harmonised by Yoga 
he sees the Self abiding in all beings 
and all beings in the Self; 
he sees the same everywhere.

Commentary: The Yogi beholds through the eye of intuition (Jnana-Chakshus or Divya-Chakshus) oneness or unity of the Self everywhere. This is a sublime and magnanimous vision indeed. He feels, 'All indeed is Brahman'. He beholds that all beings are one with Brahman and that the Self and Brahman are identical.