Chapter VI Sloka 30

yae ma< pZyit svRĒ sv” c miy pZyit,
tSyah< n ą[Zyaim s c me n ą[Zyit.

yo m˜Õ pažyati sarvatra 
sarvaÕ ca mayi pažyati |
tasy˜haÕ na praõažy˜mi 
sa ca me na praõažyati ( 6|30)||

He who sees Me everywhere and 
sees everything in Me, 
he never becomes separated from me, 
nor do I become separated from him.

Commentary: In this verse the Lord describes the effect of the vision of the unity of the Self or oneness.
He who sees Me, the Self of all, in all beings, and everything (from Brahma the Creator down to the blade of grass) in Me, I am not lost to him, nor is he lost to Me. I and the sage or seer of unity of the Self become identical or one and the same. I never leave his presence nor does he leave My presence, I never lose hold of him nor does he lose hold of Me. I dwell in him and he dwells in Me.