Chapter VI Sloka 31

svR-UtiSwt< yae ma< -jTyekTvmaiSwt>,
svRwa vtRmanae=ip s yaegI miy vtRte.

sarvabh¨tasthitaÕ yo m˜Õ 
bhajatyekatvam˜sthita× |
sarvath˜ vartam˜no'pi 
sa yogŸ mayi vartate ( 6|31)||

He who, being established in unity, 
worships Me Who dwells in all beings, 
that Yogi abides in Me, 
whatever may be his mode of living.

Commentary: He who has dissolved all duality in the underlying unity, who is thus established in unity, who worships Me, i.e., who has realised Me as the Self of all, dwells always in Me, whatever his mode of living may be, He is ever liberated.
Sadana lived in God though he was a butcher because his mind was ever fixed at the lotus feet of the Lord.