Chapter VI Sloka 33

AjuRn %vac,
yae=y< yaegSTvya àaeKt> saMyen mxusUdn,
@tSyah< n pZyaim c<clTvaiTSwit< iSwram!.

arjuna uv˜ca | 
yo'yaÕ yogastvay˜ prokta× 
s˜myena madhus¨dana | 
etasy˜haÕ na paþy˜mi 
cañcalatv˜tsthitiÕ sthir˜m ( 6|33)||

Arjuna said:
This Yoga of equanimity taught by Thee, O Krishna! 
I do not see its steady continuance, 
because of the restlessness (of the mind).

Commentary: As the mind is restless, impetuous and unsteady I find it difficult to practise this Yoga of equanimity declared by Thee, O my Lord! I cannot have steady concentration of the mind, as it wanders here and there in the twinkling of an eye.