Chapter VI Sloka 37

AjuRn %vac,
Ayit> ïÏyaepetae yaega½iltmans>,
AàaPy yaegs<isiÏ< ka< git< k«:[ gCDit.

arjuna uv˜ca |
ayati× þraddhayopeto 
yog˜ccalitam˜nasa× |
apr˜pya yogasaÕsiddhiÕ k˜Õ 
gatiÕ k®ÿõa gacchati ( 6|37)||

Arjuna said:
He who is unable to control himself though he has the faith, and whose mind wanders away from Yoga, what end does he, having failed to attain perfection in Yoga, meet, O Krishna?
Commentary: He has faith in the efficacy of Yoga but he is not able to control the senses and the mind. He has no concentration of mind. His mind wanders away when the last breath departs from his body and he loses the memory also. Having failed to achieve perfection in Yoga, i.e., Self-realisation or the knowledge of the Self, what path will he tread, and what end will such a man meet?