Chapter VI Sloka 38

kiae-yiviZDaimv nZyit, 
Aitae mhabahae ivmUFae [> piw.

nbhramiva nayati |
apratiho mahbho 
vimho brahmaa pathi ( 6|38)||

Fallen from both, does he not perish like a rent cloud, supportless, O mighty-armed (Krishna), deluded on the path of Brahman?

fallen from Both
i) the path of Karma - the path of ritualistic activity in accordance with the Karma Kanda of the Vedas on the one hand and the path of Yoga on the other, and the

ii) Path of Brahman: the path by which Brahman can be reached or the way that leads to Brahman.

The Yoga taught by the Lord demands one-pointed devotion to its practice. The aspirant turns away from the world and spurns heaven too. There was a fear that if he failed to attain the goal, he would have lost everything for nothing. Hence this question by Arjuna.