Chapter VI Sloka 39

@tNme s<zy< k«:[ DeÄumhRSyze;t>, 
TvdNy> s<zySyaSy DeÄa n żupp*te.

etanme saÕžayaÕ k®’õa 
chettumarhasyaže’ata× | 
tvadanya× saÕžayasy˜sya 
chett˜ na hyupapadyate ( 6|39)||

This doubt of mine, O Krishna, do Thou dispel completely; because it is not possible for any but Thee to dispel this doubt.
Commentary: There can be no better teacher than Thee, for Thou art the omniscient Lord. Thou alone canst dispel this doubt. A Rishi (seer), a Deva (god), or a Muni (sage) will not be able to destroy this doubt.