Chapter VI Sloka 40

pawR nEveh namu ivnazStSy iv*te,
n ih kLya[kTkid gRit< tat gCDit.

rbhagavnuvca |
prtha naiveha nmutra 
vinastasya vidyate |
na hi kalyaktkacid 
durgati tta gacchati ( 6|40)||

The Blessed Lord said:
O Arjuna, neither in this world, nor in the next world is there destruction for him; none, verily, who does good, O my son, ever comes to grief.
Commentary: He who has not succeeded in attaining to perfection in Yoga in this birth will not be destroyed in this world or in the next world. Surely he will not take a birth lower than the present one. What will he attain, then? This is described by the Lord in verses 41 - 44.
Taata = Son. A disciple is regarded as a son.