The Thousand Names of the Supreme


Sri N. Krishnamachari

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 Sri Vishnu Sahasra Namam chanting  by MS
The web-site is a very good source for other stotras also.

Text published by Sri N. Krishnamachari in Bhakti-list has been  re-formatted  by me in the frames-page format; with the texts of the individual Slokams have been added  in Devanagari and Roman scripts.

After placing a counter on the Sahasranamam Frames page, I note that a large number of devotees are visiting this page and referring to individual slokas. Please consider recording your views/comments in the guest-book that opens on clicking the sign placed below. Thank you.
M.K. Krishnaswamy 

Dear Devotees:

Some time back, a few friends including Sri M. Srinivasan and me from our group joined forces to write an article giving the background behind the origin of Sri VishNu Sahasra NAmam. I am taking the liberty of submitting this article in two or three parts to the learned audience. The material is mostly from the book "Sri Vishnu Sahasranama with the Bhashya of Sri Parasara Bhattar, with Translation in English" by A. Srinivasa Raghavan, published by Sri Visishtadvaita Pracharnini Sabha, Madras, in 1983. Any misinterpretation is completely mine. I seek your forgiveness if I am misrepresenting the accepted and traditional concepts, and I look forward to any thoughts that any of you have in correcting me or adding additional comments.

A list of the books referred to by me may be seen HERE

Dasan Krishnamachari
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