SrI Vishnu sahasra nAmAvali

The  sahasra nAmAvaLi compilation that opens on clicking the hyperlink SrI Vishnu sahasra nAmAvali is based on SrI ParASara BhaTTar's bhAshyam for SrI VishNu sahasra nAmam. The list will be found in the book titled "SrI VishNu sahasra nAma, with the bhAshya of SrI parASara BhaTTar", published by SrI ViSishTAdvaita PracAriNi sabhA, Madras, in 1983. This list is adopted by followers of the ViSishTAdvaita sampradAyam, and also  corresponds to the scheme used in the detailed postings that have been submitted in the bhakti list.

In the nAmAvaLi list given here, some of the nAma-s have been separated with hyphen marks  into the component words which make up the nAma (e.g., bhUta-bhavya-bhavat-prabhave namah, instead of bhUtabhavyabhavatprabhave namah). This was done in the hope that it may make it easier for those who are new to the nAma-s, to learn the nAma-s correctly as far as possible.  This separation has been done even for some of the simpler nAma-s, in the hope that it may help in understanding and enjoying the meanings of some of the nAma-s as they recite the nAma-s (e.g., mahA-vIrAyAya namah instead of mahAvIryAya namah).  This way of listing the nAma-s is perhaps a deviation from the traditional way we see the nAmA-s listed, but this is done in the hope that the additional benefit to some readers may outweigh the apparent deviation from the customary way.

Followers of the advaita sampradAyam adopt the 1000 nAma-s as given in SrI Samkara bhAshyam, instead of the BhaTTar bhAshyam which has been used in the above listing.  It is mentioned in the LIFCO publication titled "sakala kArya siddhida SrI VishNu sahasra nAma stotram" published in 1981, that SrI Raghavendra svAmi has written a bhAshyam which uses the dvaita philosophy as the basis for interpreting the VishNu shasra nAma stotram. The dvaita followers adopt the list of 1000 nAma-s as expounded in Raghavendra svAmi's bhAshyam. It is to be noted that even though the fundamental base for all the three bhAshya-s mentioned above is the same stotram, namely SrI VishNu sahasra nAma stotram, nevertheless, the three pioneering bhAshya-s for the three schools of philosophy have some differences in the specific 1000 names that they arrive at starting from the same stotram. This may be partly because of "pATha bheda-s" that the vyAkhyAna kartA-s see in the stotram such that it strengthens their particular school of philosophy. There is also the aspect of the difference in the "individual anubhavam" of each of these three great devotees of bhagavAn, that could have led to the differences in the thousand nAma-s that they arrive at, starting from the same stotram as the base.

The LIFCO publication referenced above has footnotes listing the nAmAs where there are differences between SrI Bhattar's version and the versions of the advaita/dvaita schools, and also gives the correct nAmAvaLi for the three sampradAya-s where differences exist.

Vishnu Sahasranamavali according to the advaita sampradAyam may be seen at Advaita NaamaavaLi. . We are trying to find a source for a similar tabulation of the sahasranAmavali according to the dvaita sampradAyam.  We would appreciate it if any of our readers are able to assist in locating a dvaita version, to which we would like to add a link..

SrI M. K. Krishnaswamy, who has created and maintained the web listing and maintenance of the postings on SrI VishNu shasranAmam that I have been submitting to the bhakti list, has been instrumental in getting this project started and completed, and my heartfelt thanks are due to him for his encouragement, support and guidance. 


Narasimhan Krishnamachari
November 20, 2002.