12th Pasuram ( kanaiththu iLam katrerumai..)

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kanaiththu iLam katrerumai kanRukku irangi
ninaiththu mulai vazhiyE ninRu paal sOra
nanaiththu illam sERaakkum naR chelvan thangaay
panith thalai veezha nin vaasaR kadai patri(ch)
chinaththinaal then ilangai(k) kOmaanai(ch) chetra
manaththukku iniyaanai(p) paadavum nee vaay thiRavaay
iniththaan ezhundhiraay eedhenna pEr uRakkam
anaiththu illaththaarum aRindhElOr embaavaay

Dear BhakthAs:

In the previous paasuram , ANDAL awakened the sleeping Gopi with her father in mind ( KOVALAR tamm poRRkkodiyE); here She awakens the Gopi with her brother in mind( NaRRc- chelvan TangAi).This brother is the one , who watches over KrishNa from getting into trouble and accompanies KrishNa every where like His shadow(JananyAcchAr Swamy).

Who is this Brother of the Gopi ?

Abhinava Desikan paints a marvellous portrait of this naRRc-chelvan , who is the brother of the Gopi. He is an antharanga daasan for KrishNa like ILaya perumAl to Raamachandran with great kaimkarya Sri ( LakshmaNO Lakshmi Sampanna:).He is a "naRRc-Chelvan" in the sense that he possesses Jn~Ana sampath as well as BrahmAnubhavam and anubhava parivAha Kaimkarya Sampath . PoorvAchAryAs have suggested that this "NaRRc Chelvan" is SridhAman .He is engaged in Ajn~A and anujn~A kaimkaryam and priorotizes the two and accomodates them as per the directions of AchArya paramparai( manishI vaidhikAchAram manasApi na langayEth). AjnA( Kaimkaryam commanded by the Lord as a must) can not be abandoned ever. anujn~A kaimkaryam ( virumpi cheythal) produces BhagavAn's preethi. If one could not do anuj~nA for understandable reasons , the Lord is not angry at the chEthanam . If the same chEthanam casts away the Ajn~A Kaimkaryam , which are his command , the the Lord will be angry .

On this day , the brother of this Gopi had to attend to a kaimkaryam for KrishNa and was out of his house. This was a prabhala nimmittham( Special event).To attend to this visEsha kaimkaryam , the brother left the buffalos unmilked .The rules of the Saasthram are to perform Bhagaavth Kaimkaryam ,if it happens to come in between even nithya (Ajn~A ) kaimkaryam , and then go back to that nithya kaimakryam.

That was what this borther of the Gopi was doing by letting the buffalos unattended , while performing the Lord's kaimakryam.He belonged to the group of Kaimakrya ParALs described by PeriyAzhwAr: " Unakku PaNi seythirukkum tavam udayEn".ANDAL performs DharmOpadesam for us here on the importance of conducting nithya-Naimitthika KarmAs and the rules to priorotize them , if Bhagaavth-BhAgavatha kaimkaryam comes into focus in between.

This Gopi has the family attributes of her brother, who is a VivEki and Saasthraj~nan (Expert in Saasthra Jn~Anam). Hence , she is being addressed as "naRRc- Chelvan TangAi". She is hence an Utthama adhikAri.

Literal meaning of the Paasuram (Dr.V.K.S.N. Raghavan)

 Oh Younger sister of the rich cowherd , whose house is rendered muddy and slushy by the profuse milk flowing from the udders of the (unmilked) She-buffalo , who thinks of her calf , and with great affection spots out abundant milk! Even when we have come all the way to the entrance of your house , unmindful of the heavy dew-fall on our head , and even when we sing (in chorus) to our heart's content , the glory of the dear Lord (viz)., RaamA , who has slain angrily the emperor of LankA in the south , nevertheless, you do not respond to us at all and have not opened your mouth . Atleast , kindly get up now ! Why do you prolong your sleep? People in all other houses have already woken up .

The Inner Meanings of the Padha Vaakyams

(1)NaRRc Chelvan TangAi(Sri PBA Swamy)

We have to group together the eleventh and twelfth ThiruppAvai paasurams ( kaRRuk KaRavai and KanaitthiLam KaRRerumai) to comprehend the Visesha SaasthrArtham on Aj~na and anuj~nA kaimkaryams . For the GopAs , "kaRavik KaNaNangal pala KaRanthu" ( milking the cows referred to in the 11th Paasuram) is their kruthyam. In the 12th Paasuram that is not mentioned ; the she-buffalo is not being milked . The Gopan(naRRc Chelvan) has gone to attend to Lord's kaimkaryam interrupting his nithya kaimakryam of his kulam .He has gone on a Kaimkaryam commanded by KrishNa. This act of kaimkaryam to KrishNa is captured by PeriyAzhwAr (3.4.3): "surihayum terivillum seNDu kOlum mElAdayum thOzhanmAr koNDO, oru Kaiyaal oruvan tann thOLai oonRi". This Gopan is with the Raaja GopAlan at His command and therefore has difficulty in performing the karmAs prescribed for his jaathi (viz)., milking the cows and buffalos at appropriate times .The AchArya Hrudhaya Soothram , " JaathyAsrama dheekshaikaLil bhEthikkum dharmangal pOlE ". refers to this sookshmam .Here , the VishNu PurANa slOkam and its commentary by PeriyavaachAn PiLlai is also referred to:

"Yathi saknOshi gaccha thvam athi-sanchala chEshtitha ithyukthvA atha NIJA KARMA SAA CHAKAARA KUDUMBINI "

As per this slOkam ,YasOdhA tied up BalakrishNan to control His roaming and then only went about Her duties.

(2) MULAI VAZHIYE PAAL SORA (Abhinava Desikan): Yerumai's udder has four Kaampus. The Jna~na paal that flows through these four outlets have been interpreted as either the essence of Four Vedams or the essence of Sruthi, Smruthi , PaanchrAthra and dhivya- Prabhandham milk ( Abhinava Desikan ).Sri PBA Swamy has identified this overflowing milk a s Sri BhAshyam , GeethA BhAshyam , Bhagavath Vishayam and rahasyams .

(3)VAASAL KADAIP PARRI:The Gopis outside say that they could have come inside and awakened the sleeping Gopi but they could not do so because the muRRam was slushy and muddy with the overflowing milk .Hence , they stay outside holding the door step with the dew falling on their heads (Abhinava Desikan).

(4) MANATTHUKKU INIYAANAI: This is addressed to Raaman and therefore is Raama sabdham . "RamayathI ithi Raama:" is the definition of His name .KaNNan , who was with the Gopis in Gokulam is "KaNNukku IniyAan " (Sweet to the eyes). Raaman , who hs completed His Vibhava avathAram could not be seen by the Gopis ; they can only think about His oudhAryam and "ripuNAmapi Vathsala " gunam ( affection even towards His enemies).Hence , they have Raaman in mind , when they use the word " manattukku iniyAnai" (Abhinava Desikan).

(5) NARR CHELVAM(Abhinava Desikan/A.D): This means auspicious wealth .That wealth is Prapatthi(Saadhya Bhakthi) , which is superior to UpAya Bhakthi.NaRR-Chelvan is that PuNyasAli (tapasvi) who is blessed with Moksha Siddhi by an anushtAnam that is KshaNa karthavyam ( Saadhya Bhakthisthu saa hanthrI prArabdhasyApi bhUyasI).

(6) EETHENNA PERURAKKAM?: How can you have ajn~Anam, when you are the sister of this "NaRRc Chelvan"?(A.D)

(7)ANAITTHILLATTHARUM ARINTHU: That which should not only be enjoyed by the mind , but should also be talked about , since every one is eligible to perform that rite . That rite is Prapatthi (A.D).

Summary of Sri PerukkAraNai Swamy's SvApadEsam *********************************************** Mother MahAlakshmi thinks about Her young children (chEthanams) and She has nirvEdham for them because of their suffering and takes great pity (daya) on them . She feeds them the milk of JnA~na through Her breasts ( mulai vazhiyAha) copiously until the heart of the chEthanam is drenched( ("ninRu sOra nanaitthu seRu aakkum") and the chEthanam becomes the possessor of limitless , evergrowing Jn~Ana sampath . Oh beautiful lady , the sister of the possessor of such visEsha Jn~anam! Please achieve through pancha samskAram the vivEkam banishing dEhathma bramam and take refuge at the sacred feet of the Lord , who is the embodiment of Sathyam , Jn~Anam , anantham , amalam and Aanandam . That prapatthi removes ancient prArabdha karmAs.It is easy to practise by anyone.Knowing how easy it is to practise , please awaken .The BhagavathAs around You have known the KshaNa phala daayakam of Prapatthi and have performed Prapatthi.Why you alone have the tendency to stay in the darkness of SamsAra kaaLa Raathri ?

ANDAL, Azhagiya Singar ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam RaamAnuja Daasamn, Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan


 ANDAL, Azhagiya Singar ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
RaamAnuja Daasamn, Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan

Day-13 Pullin vaai kINdaanai